Dyson Affiliate Programme

Important update

With a huge number of affiliates in the Dyson.co.uk network we have taken the decision to close the programme to new affiliates for the time being so that we can focus our time and resources on the affiliates that are already part of our programme.

We do apologise to any affiliates who have been waiting to join the network. If any new affiliates feel that they have a very strong business case in joining the Dyson affiliate programme, please do get in touch via Affiliate Window (link below) and we will review such proposals on a case by case basis. Note that proposals should be considered unsuccessful if a reply is not received within two weeks.


The Dyson Affiliate Program has been set up to allow select affiliates to promote the Dyson brand and generate sales through their website. The programme aims to reward affiliates with competitive commission rates on every sale they refer.

How the program works?

  1. Affiliates drive web traffic to Dyson.co.uk through specially formatted links that allow us to track sales and other activity
  2. Affiliates earn 6% on upright, cylinder, cordless, fans and fan heater sales (excludes refurbished vacuum cleaner sales) and 10% on spares and accessory sales on all qualifying revenue made through their links. Sales are authorised every month and you get paid for the sales you have generated for Dyson
  3. Sign up through Affiliate Window, our affiliate network partner (link below). This is the place where you will build your links, view your performance reports, and read about the latest news and opportunities available to you through the programme

What are the benefits to you?

  1. Instantly recognisable household brand – most recognised vacuum cleaner brand in the marketplace
  2. Competitive commission levels – 6% on uprights, cylinders, cordless, fans and fan heaters with 10% commission for spares or accessory sales
  3. Up-to-date banners, links and content
  4. Product feeds with over 300 deep links to our vacuum cleaner and accessory range
  5. Monthly newsletters providing advice and recommendations as to what you s hould consider promoting for that month
  6. Monthly commission payments – there are no limits to what you can earn
  7. We regularly validate commission level so no long wait for your payments
  8. Regular promotional offers on the website

What do the customers get?

  1. Excellent products at affordable prices
  2. Regular web exclusives and promotions
  3. Free delivery on all upright, cylinder, cordless, fan or fan heater orders
  4. Free delivery on all spare or accessory orders over £35
  5. We pick up their old vacuum cleaner and recycle it free of charge

How do I join?

Request to join the programme via our affiliate network partner but note that as per the important notice above that we are in the process of restricting our current programme to focus on our existing affiliates:

Affiliate window

Any more questions?

Visit our page on Affiliate Window or contact affiliates@dyson.com.