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Tangle-free Turbine tool

Part No.925068-02

The Dyson Tangle-free Turbine tool is the only turbine tool that doesn’t tangle. It releases more hair straight into the bin than any other mini turbine tool. It has counter-rotating heads with brushes that remove hair and dirt from carpets and upholstery. The flexible heads bend to maintain contact across uneven surfaces. The heads are positioned so the brushes reach to the front and side of the tool, drawing in hair and dirt from all directions.

Tangle-free turbine tool
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Conventional mini turbine tools

Other brushes lose contact with uneven surfaces

The brush bars of conventional mini turbine tools are rigid. On uneven surfaces, the spinning brushes can lose contact with the surface - causing some areas to be cleaned less well.

Dyson Tangle-free Turbine tool

Tangle-free Turbine tool brushes remain in contact

The flexible counter-rotating heads and articulating base plate ensure that the brushes remain in constant contact with a surface - no matter how uneven.

Other brushes do not reach to the edges of the tool

The brushes of conventional mini turbine tools only come into contact with a surface beneath the brush bar itself. Much of the area beneath the tool is not reached by the brushes.

Tangle-free Turbine tool brushes reach much further

The brushes maintain contact over a larger proportion of the area underneath the tool. The brushes reach much further forwards, dislodging hair and dirt right up the edges of stairs and upholstery.

Tangle-free Turbine tool

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