Save up to £110 on the latest Dyson technology

Save up to £110

on selected Dyson
technology when you
trade in any vacuum.

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A fan for all seasons

Fast, even room heating. High velocity air to cool.

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All others lose suction Only Dyson Cinetic™ science doesn't.

4.8 66 reviews.  


Sucks up as much dust as even a corded vacuum.

4.7 7728 reviews.  


Three times the suction power of any other handheld in use.

4.8 21 reviews.  


All others lose suction.
Only Dyson Cinetic™ science doesn't.²

4.3 125 reviews.  

Normal: £460.00

Trade In: £349.99
Save: £110.01

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Strong suction at the cleaner head, where it matters.

4.6 364 reviews.  


Patented cyclone technology.

4.6 1140 reviews.  


Concentrated technology. Performance of a full-size upright.

4.5 1396 reviews.  

Normal: £400.00

Trade In: £299.99
Save: £100.01

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