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CSYS™ task lights

"Other designers have made attempts to cool LEDs. But it's not enough.

Their lights still fade. We've invented the first LED light with an effective cooling system. As a result it lasts for 144,000 hours."

Jake Dyson

CSYS™ floor light in a living room setting

CSYS™ floor

CSYS™ desk light on a desk

CSYS™ desk

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"These innovative Dyson CSYS lamps look pretty damn classic"

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"Quite a magnificent thing. Yes, it's just a lamp at the end of the day, but it's the best lamp you're likely to find."

CSYS™ desk light on a desk

Why we need good lighting

When natural light is insufficient, electric light allows us to be productive. But it doesn't just increase our performance – it can also improve mental health and quality of life.

Poor lighting, on the other hand, can have adverse effects on our productivity. It can even affect our physical well-being, causing both eye strain and headaches.

Heat pipe technology. Find out how it works.

comparing the brightness of a conventional light and CSYS™ task lights

Stays bright for 144,000 hours***

CSYS™ task lights use Heat pipe technology to direct heat away from their LEDs, sustaining brightness for up to 144,000 hours***.

Loses brightness

Neglecting to protect LEDs from heat can damage their phosphorous coating, degrading brightness and colour.

CSYS™ task lights in an office environment

CSYS™ task lights are available for business.

3 axis movement of CSYS™ task light

3 Axis Glide motion

While conventional lights rely on tension to stay in position, CSYS™ task lights use gravity. The arm moves vertically using a counterweight pulley system inspired by the construction crane. It also extends 27.5 cm horizontally along anti-friction bearings. The zinc alloy base rotates smoothly through 360°, and is weighted to increase stability.

No other light moves in the same way.

Experience 3 Axis Glide™ motion

Move vertically, horizontally and rotationally through 360°.

Conventional light drooping in front of computer screen compared to a CSYS task light not drooping in front of computer screen

CSYS™ task lights stay put

CSYS™ task lights use gravity to remain in position – so light stays exactly where you need it.

Others droop

Some conventional lights rely on springs and pivots to stay in position. But these can weaken over time and cause the light to droop.

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3 Axis Glide™ motion

You can position the light exactly where you need with just the touch of a fingertip. It moves vertically, horizontally and rotationally through 360°. No other light moves in the same way.

Heat pipe technology

Heat is drawn away from the LEDs using technology typically found in satellites. It's dissipated through an aluminium heat sink, which forms the light's horizontal arm.

Precision dimming

CSYS™ task lights have touch-sensitive, continuous dimming. So you can adjust them to exactly the level of light you need. The dimmer has a memory, so when you switch the light back on it's exactly how you left it.

High power LEDs

Eight LEDs provide warm, white light for 144,000 hours***. Each one is housed in a conical reflector to eliminate glare.

With all CSYS™ task lights:

  • CSYS Heat Pipe technology

    Stays bright for 144,000 hours***

    Heat pipe technology cools LEDs to sustain brightness over
    154,000 hours***.

  • CSYS 3 Axis Glide™ motion

    Stays precisely where you want it

    Using 3 Axis Glide™ motion, CSYS™ task lights adjust horizontally,
    vertically and rotationally with the
    touch of a fingertip.

  • CSYS Dimming

    Precision dimming

    Touch-sensitive, continuous dimming. Remembers your most recent light level setting.

  • 2 year guarantee

    2 year guarantee

    All CSYS™ task lights are covered by
    a 2 year guarantee on
    both parts and labour.

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