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Pet grooming kit

Support for your Pet grooming kit

Here you can find helpful tips and advice, our how-to video and more.

Pet groom tool brushing a dog

First-time tips

Learn how to help make using your Pet grooming kit a positive experience for everyone.

Getting to know your Pet grooming kit

  • For medium and long-haired adult pets

    You can use the Pet grooming kit on pets you already groom using a standard slicker brush. If you're unsure, check with a vet or pet groomer. 

  • Sound engineering

    Acoustically engineered to keep things peaceful for your pet.

  • Self-cleaning

    Release your thumb to retract the bristles. The vacuum sucks the collected hair straight into the bin. 

  • Angled bristles

    364 slicker bristles, angled at 34°, flex to an upright position to grab loose hairs from deep within the coat.

Frequently asked questions

Can I groom wet fur?

No, as this could damage the machine. Please make sure your pet's coat is completely dry before using the tool.

Will I need help grooming my pet with the Pet groom tool?

With well-behaved pets, you can use the tool by yourself, holding the vacuum in one hand and grooming tool in the other. If your pet needs to be kept still, you may prefer to have another person present to give you an extra pair of hands, for either supporting your pet or holding the vacuum. 

Which power mode should I use with the Pet groom tool?

You should use your machine in its medium suction mode when using the tool. If it only has two options, use the lowest of the two suction modes. 

Do I need to have my vacuum switched on while grooming my pet?

No, you don't need to have your vacuum on during use, which may particularly suit more anxious pets. However, we do recommend having the machine on where possible for pet hair to be collected straight into the bin. 

How often should I clear the brush using the self-cleaning function?

Release the hair frequently during use, using the self-cleaning function, to keep the brush clear. 

How often should I empty the vacuum bin to avoid blocking?

Empty your bin before it's full up to the MAX line, to maintain performance.

How can I wash the Pet groom tool, XL extension hose and Quick-release adaptor?

You can wipe clean your Pet groom tool, XL extension hose and Quick-release adaptor using a damp cloth.