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Woman wearing air-purifying headphones

Air-purifying headphones with active noise cancelling

Image of city scape

Battling air pollution

City air can be high in pollutants - from industrial emissions, to car exhausts. And in public spaces, air can also contain higher levels of bacteria and allergens.

Watch our engineering journey

30 years of filtration expertise.

6 years of research.

500 prototypes.

Video Transcript

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Manikin wearing prototype headphones, with visor across nose and mouth

Engineered to breathe

Dyson engineers developed a manikin with a set of mechanical lungs. Programmed to breathe as a human does, it enabled us to accurately test the correct amount of airflow through the Dyson Zone™ air-purifying headphones.

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Woman wearing air-purifying headphones.

Air-purifying headphones