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Handheld tool kit

Handheld tool kit

Four Dyson tools for your Dyson V6™ vacuum. For cleaning every corner of your home and car.

Mini soft dusting brush on computer keyboard

Mini soft dusting brush.

The pliable bristles are wider-spaced at the front to prevent snags, flexing to gently remove dust from delicate areas.

Stubborn dirt brush on carpet

Stubborn dirt brush.

The angled bristles create a flicking motion, releasing dirt from carpet pile straight into the airflow.

Wide nozzle tool on upholstery

Wide nozzle tool.

Increases the suction area surface. Makes light work of stairs, upholstery and curtains.

Extension hose and mini soft dusting brush on car dashboard

Extension hose.

Flexes and stretches up to 1.2m. So you can reach hidden corners and high-up spaces.

All features

  • Mini soft dusting brush
    The tapered shape channels airflow and spreads pressure across the entire brush length.

  • Stubborn dirt brush
    The compact brush head reaches into awkward corners where mud can accumulate – like car footwells and hard-to-reach places around the cabin.

  • Wide nozzle tool
    Lint pickers at the front and trailing edges gather and ball up fibres – then release them into the airflow.

Also fits these machines

Some machines are excluded from the ranges shown

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  1. Dyson DC30 vacuum (Iron/Yellow)
  2. Dyson DC30 vacuum(Iron/Moulded White)

  1. Dyson DC31 Animal Exclusive vacuum
  2. Dyson DC31 Animal vacuum
  3. Dyson DC31 vacuum

  1. Dyson DC34 vacuum
  2. Dyson DC34 Animal Exclusive vacuum
  3. Dyson DC34 Animal vacuum
  4. Dyson DC34 Complete vacuum

  1. Dyson DC35 Animal vacuum
  2. Dyson DC35 Complete vacuum
  3. Dyson DC35 Digital Slim vacuum

  1. DC44 Animal Complete vacuum
  2. DC44 Animal vacuum
  3. DC44 Multi Floor vacuum
  4. DC44 vacuum

  1. Dyson DC56 handheld vacuum

  1. Dyson DC58 Animal Complete vacuum

  1. DC59 Animal Complete vacuum
  2. DC59 Animal vacuum

  1. Dyson V6 Absolute (Red) vacuum
  2. Dyson V6 Absolute vacuum
  3. Dyson V6 Animal Extra vacuum
  4. Dyson V6 Animal vacuum
  5. Dyson V6 Cord-Free vacuum
  6. Dyson V6 Flexi vacuum
  7. Dyson V6 Fluffy vacuum
  8. Dyson V6 Total Clean vacuum
  9. Dyson V6 vacuum
  10. Dyson V6 vacuum

  1. Dyson V6 Car + Boat Extra vacuum
  2. Dyson V6 Car + Boat vacuum
  3. Dyson V6 Mattress vacuum
  4. Dyson V6 Top Dog vacuum
  5. Dyson V6 Trigger Pro vacuum
  6. Dyson V6 Trigger vacuum
  7. Dyson V6 Trigger vacuum

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Delivery details

Free delivery for orders of £35 or more (£3.06 for postage and handling if your order is less than £35). We’ll deliver your replacement parts and tools within 5-7 working days.