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Soft dusting brush on window blind

Soft dusting brush.

The pliable bristles are wider-spaced at the front to prevent snags and flex to gently remove dust from delicate areas.

Stubborn dirt brush on carpet

Dyzolv™ spot cleaner.

Contains four active agents to remove all manner of spots and stains – even on wool and stain-resistant fabrics. Grease, soil, food and drink spills are no match.

Dyzolv™ spot cleaner in use

Stubborn dirt brush.

The angled bristles create a flicking motion, releasing dirt from carpet pile straight into the airflow.

Also fits these machines

Some machines are excluded from the ranges shown

  1. Dyson DC03 Absolute and Zorb vacuum
  2. Dyson DC03 Absolute vacuum
  3. Dyson DC03 Clear vacuum
  4. Dyson DC03 Standard vacuum
  5. Dyson DC03 Zorb vacuum
  6. Dyson DC03i vacuum

  1. DC04 Constant MAX™
  2. DC04 Limited Edition™
  3. Dyson DC04 Absolute vacuum
  4. Dyson DC04 Absolute vacuum
  5. Dyson DC04 Constant MAX vacuum
  6. Dyson DC04 De Stijl vacuum
  7. Dyson DC04i vacuum

  1. DC05 Absolute vacuum
  2. DC05 Limited Edition vacuum
  3. DC05 MRF+Turbo™
  4. DC05 Plus Turbo™
  5. DC05 Plus Turbo™
  6. DC05 Standard vacuum
  7. DC05™
  8. Dyson DC05 Motorhead vacuum

  1. Dyson DC15 All Floors vacuum
  2. Dyson DC15 Allergy vacuum
  3. Dyson DC15 Animal vacuum

  1. Dyson DC18 All Floors vacuum
  2. Dyson DC18 Allergy vacuum

  1. DC20 Stowaway Allergy Parquet™
  2. DC20 Stowaway Allergy vacuum
  3. DC20 Stowaway Animal vacuum
  4. DC20 Stowaway vacuum (Iron/Titanium/Bronze)
  5. DC20 Stowaway vacuum (Iron/Titanium/Metallic Red)

  1. DC21 Motorhead vacuum

  1. DC22 Allergy vacuum
  2. DC22 Animal vacuum
  3. DC22 Multi Floor vacuum

  1. DC23 Allergy vacuum
  2. DC23 Animal vacuum
  3. DC23 Motorhead vacuum
  4. DC23T2 i vacuum
  5. DC23T2 vacuum

  1. Dyson DC24 Animal MO vacuum
  2. Dyson DC24 Animal vacuum
  3. Dyson DC24 Blitz It vacuum
  4. Dyson DC24 DRAWING Limited Edition vacuum
  5. Dyson DC24 Multi Floor Complete vacuum
  6. Dyson DC24 Multi Floor Exclusive vacuum
  7. Dyson DC24 Multi Floor vacuum
  8. Dyson DC24i vacuum

  1. Dyson DC31 Animal vacuum
  2. Dyson DC31 vacuum

  1. DC40 Animal Exclusive vacuum (Iron/Bright Silver/Sprayed Fuchsia)
  2. DC40 Animal vacuum (Iron/Bright Silver/Moulded Purple)
  3. DC40 Multi Floor Complete vacuum (Iron/Bright Silver/Moulded Yellow)
  4. DC40 Multi Floor vacuum (Iron/Bright Silver/Moulded Yellow)
  5. DC40i ErP vacuum

  1. DC41 Mk2 Animal Complete vacuum
  2. DC41 Mk2 Animal vacuum
  3. Dyson DC41 Mk2 i vacuum