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Dyson Pure Cool Tower pollutants

Indoor pollution

Pollutants can build up inside your home. But you can't always see them.

In fact, indoor air quality can be up to 5X worse than outdoor air quality.¹

The air we breathe can contain pollutants called Particulate Matter (PM), measured in microns. A human hair measures around 100 microns. Inhalable particles under 10 microns in diameter, such as pollen, are known as PM 10, while cooking gases and other pollutants can be PM 2.5 or less.

Because our houses tend to be more sealed these days, pollutants and allergens can't always escape. But they can be captured.

Dyson Pure Cool indoor air pollution

It's not just visible pollutants that can be harmful.

It's also those you can't see.

Potentially harmful, particles and gases can be found throughout the home, these include…

  • PM 10

    Pollen and allergens
    from plants and flowers

  • PM 5.0

    Bacteria and

  • PM 2.5


  • PM 0.1

    Ultrafine particles
    and viruses

  • Formaldehyde

    Carpets, rugs
    and flooring

  • Odours

    Household fumes
    and cooking

  • Benzene and VOCs

    Cleaning products
    and scented candles

  • Nitrogen Dioxide

    Gas stoves and
    car exhausts

Dyson purifying fans sense and capture 99.95% of ultrafine particles and pollutants, then project purified air throughout your whole room.²

Dyson Pure Cool purifies the whole room

The new Dyson Pure Cool™ HEPA Air filter Purifier and Fan. Higlighting the LCD screen.
The new Dyson Pure Cool™ HEPA Air filter Purifier and Fan. Higlighting the LCD screen.

Senses and reports particles and gases.³ In real time.

 Dyson Pure Cool Tower sealed filtration system capturing pollutants
 Dyson Pure Cool Tower sealed filtration system capturing pollutants

Sealed filtration system. Captures 99.95% of particle pollutants as small as 0.1 microns.⁴

Dyson Pure Cool Tower within household capturing pollutants

Projects purified air around the whole room using Air Multiplier™ technology. Mixes and circulates the air, to reach every corner of the room.²


Intelligently control and monitor your air quality, with the Dyson Link app.

Control your Dyson Pure Cool™ purifying fan and quickly monitor air quality indoors and out – direct from your device. Schedule, remotely control and personalise your machine.⁵

 Testing the Dyson Pure Cool

Solving the problem of whole room purification.

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Dyson Pure Hot+Cool™

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Direct from Dyson

¹Hulin et al, Respiratory Health and Indoor air pollutants based on quantitative exposure assessments, European Respiratory Journal, Oct 2012.

²Tested for filtration efficiency (EN1822) at 0.1 microns and "excellent’’ whole room coverage (TM-003711 and DTM801) in a 27m² room.

³PM2.5, PM10, VOC, NO2

⁴Tested to EN1822. Particles as small as 0.1 microns. 

⁵Standard data and messaging rates may apply. Requires 2.4GHz or 5GHz Wi-Fi connection and app-enabled device. Requires iOS version 10 or above, or Android version 5 or above. Your mobile device must have Bluetooth 4.0 support.