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See how a high CADR purifier releases pollutants back into the room.

What is a CADR rating?

The Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR) test measures how fast the number of particles in the air are reduced. But it doesn't measure filtration quality, or focus on how well a purifier captures differing particle sizes.

In real homes, filtration quality matters. If particles aren’t captured first time, they are released back into the room.

Unlike real homes, the CADR test is conducted for 20 minutes in a small test chamber measuring 11.8m². Fans on the ceiling and wall help to circulate the air.

Ultrafine particles are suspended in the air we breathe.

Filtration quality is crucial. Particles at 2.5 microns measure just 1/30th the size of a human hair. Ultrafine particles at 0.1 microns fit 1,000 times across the diameter of a human hair. Dyson purifiers capture 99.95% of particles as small as PM 0.1.¹

“Dyson has been filtering air for more than 25 years. Our engineers ensure our machines capture more potentially harmful ultrafine particles and gases in real homes, than conventional lab testing.”

James Dyson

Advanced vacuum-sealed HEPA filter.

360° Glass HEPA filter.

Removes 99.95% of pollutants and allergens from the air¹. Unlike some others, it is vacuum-sealed so air goes through it, not around it.

Automatically detects and removes indoor pollution.

In auto-mode, Dyson purifiers constantly monitor and react to indoor air quality while reporting directly to the Dyson Link app.²

Projects purified air throughout the room.

Only Dyson purifiers use Air Multiplier™ technology to project air.

Purification all year round. Purifying fan or heater when you need it.