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Dyson Cu-Beam Up logo
Dyson Cu-beam up light

Cu-Beam Up suspended light

An ultra-wide distribution of powerful up-light.

Other colours available, contact us for more details.

• Heat pipe technology maintains LED brightness

• A custom lens focuses 7800 lumens. From one LED.

• Custom-built driver controls the light's functions


£1,250.00 excluding VAT

Key features

Dyson Cu-beam Up light above sofas in an office lobby.

Powerful, fully-adjustable up-light. From a single fixture.

Focuses a single light source to evenly cast an ultra-wide, dimmable pool of ambient up-light across open spaces.

Fluorescent lighting is flawed. LEDs can underperform.

Fluorescent lighting can be inefficient, it wastes light and uses costly-to-replace bulbs, while LEDs can suffer from overheating, affecting their longevity and brightness.

  • Flourescent lighting in commercial setting

Key technology

  • Heat pipe technology maintains LED brightness

    Continuous cooling cycle increases the single LED's longevity with no loss or deterioration of light quality.

  • A custom lens focuses 7800 lumens. From one LED.

    The custom-engineered lens optimises and maximises the single high-power LED, for an even spread of powerful, ambient light, whatever the task.

  • High efficacy

    A custom-engineered lens combined with effective cooling means that each fixture runs at 92lm/W (at 4000K).

Additional features

  • Brightness means lightness

    Each wing of the Cu-Beam Up light is made of 37 lightweight aluminium fins, so it weighs just 2.9kg.

  • No glare

    By putting light precisely where it needs to be, Cu-Beam Up lights prevent wasted light in all directions and reduce eye strain.

  • No flicker

    Custom-built drivers control the light's functions. They manage power, voltage fluctuations and the ratio of up light.

  • More light

    High-power single LEDs and a custom-engineered lens provide powerful light that can illuminate a wide area.

  • Compact and lightweight

    Cu-Beam Up measures 720mm across, weighing just 2.9kg. The unit 'floats' in space for minimal spatial intrusion.


  • Weight

    2.9 kg

  • Colour temperature

    4,000 K

  • Light source

    Chip on board LEDs

  • CRI

    80 minimum

  • Rated power

    57 W

  • Light output

    7,800 lm

  • Luminous efficacy

    92 l/W

  • LED life time

    180,000 hrs

  • Beam angle

    160 degrees

  • Frequency

    50/60 hz

  • Standby power consumption

    0.5 W

Illustration of Dyson Cu-Beam Up dimensions
  • Length

    720 mm

  • Width

    130 mm

  • Height

    203 mm

Useful documents

Frequently asked questions

What is the best way to clean Cu-Beam Up?

Use a microfibre cloth, or solvent- and moisture-free compressed air canister, to clean the appliance. Always ensure the appliance is turned off before any cleaning.

Can I use the Cu-Beam Up outside?

The appliance is designed for dry, indoor locations only.

Operating environment range 0°C (32°F) to 40°C (104°F) and 10-95% RH non-condensing.

Which dimmer products is Cu-Beam Up compatible with?

This appliance is only compatible with DALI-compliant dimmer products.

Dyson Cu-Beam Up logo
Dyson Cu-beam up light

Cu-Beam Up suspended light


£1,250.00 excluding VAT

Choose your model

  • Dyson Cu-Beam Up light

    Dyson Cu Beam Up suspended light

    An ultra-wide distribution of powerful up-light.

    • Dimensions: L 720 x W 130 x H 203 mm


    £1,250.00 excluding VAT

  • Dyson Cu-Beam Duo light

    Dyson Cu-Beam Duo suspended light

    Powerful and precise. The only fully flexible up and down-light.

    • Dimensions: L 725 x W 206 x H 97mm


    £1,458.33 excluding VAT

  • Dyson Cu-Beam Down light

    Dyson Cu-Beam Down suspended light

    Powerful, focused light. From one LED. In a single fixture.

    • Dimensions: L 720 x W 130 x H 170 mm


    £1,250.00 excluding VAT

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