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Dyson lighting over meeting room table

Powerful, precise light at work.

The right light in the right place can have a positive impact on businesses – and the people working in them. 

Increase light quality, reduce eyestrain and maximise efficiency. For decades.¹

Fluorescent lighting is flawed. LEDs can underperform.

Fluorescent lighting can be inefficient. It contains hazardous mercury, wastes light and uses costly-to-replace bulbs. While LEDs can suffer from overheating, affecting their longevity and brightness.

Typical fluorescent lighting in an office environment

LED task lighting. Power, precision and performance.

Cu-Beam™ suspended lights and CSYS™ task lights transform spaces with powerful LED light, precisely where your business needs it. Highly efficient, they do more, with less. 

Dyson lighting in office
Dyson Cu-Beam™ suspended light logo
Dyson lighting in office
Dyson Cu-Beam™ suspended light logo

Flexible, powerful light. Precisely where your business needs it. 

Intelligently tracks local daylight. With light quality that lasts 60 years.¹

Explore technical information, and installation guides for specification.

Dyson lighting over a range of Dyson products

Dyson technology for business.

¹Dyson CSYS™ task lights last for up to 144,000 hours (calculated in accordance with LED L70).

⁺High-power LEDs use a fraction of the energy of some conventional halogen lights.