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Polluted city skyline

Breathe London Wearables

A comprehensive study of London air quality

With Dyson technology

Watch the video for more about the study

City Hall is taking action to tackle air pollution, with the most comprehensive study of London air quality to date. Thanks to our expertise, King's College London has awarded Dyson the exciting opportunity to engineer purpose-built technology for the study.

Breathe logo and King's College London logo
Close up of schoolgirl's feet as she plays hopscotch

Five London schools. One pioneering study.

The study will equip five London schools with our cutting-edge, mobile sensor technology. For the first time, we’ll build a detailed understanding of the air pollution inner-city children are exposed to on their daily school commute.

A Dyson-designed backpack with built-in air quality sensors

Air quality reports, on the move

Dyson engineers have been researching clean air technologies for over two decades. Our team of experts applied their leading knowledge to develop intelligent sensors, compact enough to fit in children’s backpacks.

They use our unique algorithm to process detailed reports of London’s air pollution – from the moment children leave their homes, to the school gates.

Schoolchildren grinning and laughing

A clearer future

Children take 17-30,000 breaths a day. Their lungs are still developing, which makes them vulnerable to air pollution. City air can contain potentially harmful pollutants – including nitrogen dioxide and PM2.5.

That’s why this study is so vital. It will help us monitor exactly what our children are exposed to, to inform effective solutions.

Common pollutants found in cities

Microscopic particles from industrial emissions and burning wood. They can penetrate deep into the respiratory system. 

Potentially harmful pollen and allergens.

Nitrogen dioxide
Found in high concentrations near roadways.

The Dyson Pure Hot+Cool purifying fan heater in a room with sources of indoor air pollution, includin a gas stove and cleaning sprays

Pollutants aren’t just a problem outdoors

Dyson whole-room purifiers use the same intelligent sensing technology to detect indoor particles and gases.

Our purifying fans react automatically, drawing air through an advanced filtration system. They capture pollutants and project purified air throughout the room.