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Eco-friendly cleaning

Eco-friendly cleaning: Easy and effective ways to reduce indoor air pollution

We all like a clean home. And whether we’re doing a quick once-over or an intense deep clean, we usually have our favorite cleaning products to help us get the desired result. But unless we’re using natural cleaning products we could, despite our best intentions, be creating another problem – high levels of indoor air pollution.

  • Purified air flowing through living room
Eco-friendly cleaning

How else can indoor air pollution be reduced?

At Dyson, we’ve researched indoor air for many years and used this to engineer our advanced purifier technology. Our machines capture gases⁶ and 99.95% of particles as small as 0.1microns,⁷ removing them from the air we breathe to deliver clean, purified air to the surroundings. And because we spend an estimated 90% of our time indoors, the quality of indoor air is more important than ever.

  • How does indoor air quality affect sleep

    Air quality can change by season, humidity, and many other conditions in your home. We break down the key effects of indoor air pollution on sleep quality.

  • How to choose the best air purifier

    Using an air purifier helps improve indoor air quality and gives you peace of mind that you can breathe cleaner air at home. The quality of the air indoors not only affects your comfort level but your health as well.

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