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The Dyson Corrale straightener being used at New York Fashion Week.

Fashion Week with Dyson

Every six months, the worlds of fashion and beauty turn their head to Fashion Weeks in New York, London, Paris, and Milan. The Dyson Corraleᵀᴹ straightener is making its debut at Fashion Week, allowing stylists the flexibility, control, and agility they need during one of the most unique Fashion Weeks ever. Professionals will be showing you how Dyson technology is helping shape the season's styles. Follow along here on the Dyson Newsroom.



    The Dyson Corrale straightener being used at New York Fashion Week.

  • New York

    Fashion Week begins in New York City where the world's top designers, hair stylists, media, and influencers converge upon the Big Apple to see what trends they will be keeping an eye out for in the months to come. A mixture of American and international brands come to New York including the likes of Tommy Hilfiger to Tomo Koizumi and many more. At New York Fashion Week, you also have one of the most diverse groups of models at different shows, which means you're never going to get the same look twice at any show.



  • Dyson Ambassador Jawara Wauchope.
  • In the Chair with Jawara

    Dyson Global Styling Ambassador, Jawara Wauchope shares how the Dyson CorraleTM straightener has changed the face of fashion weeks, offering styling agility in uncertain times.

  • London


    Fashion in London is universally celebrated for its unbridled creativity. Its brilliance can be attributed to the ability to be informed and inspired by new aesthetics and the historical, the capital's diversity and inclusivity. It feels like style in London has something to say, which is often the case at the capital’s Fashion Week shows. London Fashion week is known for demonstrating fresh young talent. The shows regularly represent concepts that have been unafraid to experiment with innovation, push style boundaries and acquire a form of expression.  

  • London fashion week with Dyson 2020


    Dyson x Erdem

    Hair stylist: Anthony Turner

    Anthony Turner called on the Dyson CorraleTM straightener’s ability to style anywhere, at any time with Erdem staging its SS21 show from the remote location of Epping Forest. Limited access to power when styling on-location is a common occurrence for many a seasoned stylist, yet armed with the full-performance, cord free capabilities of the Dyson CorraleTM straightener this problem is solved.

  • The Dyson Corrale straightener being used at London Fashion Week.
Dyson Corrale straightener and Dyson Supersonic hair dryer professional

Hair care technology for salons and stylists 

Re-engineered for stylists.
For fast, effective styling.

  • Milan fashion week with Dyson 2020

  • Milan

    Fashion is one of the main pillars of Italian culture, with great heritage stemming from craftmanship and ateliers spread across the country. Renowned brands of the fashion industry were born in Italy – Versace, Valentino, Armani, just to mention a few – and Milan is considered the country's capital of fashion. Now, the city is investing in Fashion Week and young brands, as well as on renowned brands, to spread Italian culture around the world. Since the launch of the Dyson Supersonicᵀᴹ hair dryer in 2016, Dyson has made a name for itself. By partnering with some of the most influential hair stylists in the world, we aim to highlight the importance of hair health while creating beautiful and shiny hair, straight from the catwalk.


    Dyson x Blumarine

    Hair stylist: Anthony Turner

    The inspiration behind Blumarine Spring Summer 2021 was colour and fun.

    When talking about hair stylings, familiar women as well as schoolgirls from the 90s are the main inspiration source, used with a modern twist. With this in mind, lead hair stylist Anthony Turner created 7 looks, using Dyson Hair technologies, delivering professional performance in the demanding backstage environments of Milan Fashion Week.

    A key look for the show was the bob style, with a side hair parting and dramatic flick at the end. The hair is prepared using the Dyson SupersonicTM hair dryer and Smoothing Noozle attachment to create a sleek and smooth finish.

    The Dyson CorraleTM straightener came into its own for adding the look’s statement flick, used on the bottom of the hair to define the ends and set the curved shape in place.

    For the longer looks, a more loose, messy wave was created to deliver a 90s grunge feel. This was achieved by bunching the hair section into a curl in the hand, then placing the section between the plates of the straightener and holding in place for a few seconds to lock in the style.

    The Dyson SupersonicTM hairdryer teamed with Diffuser attachment was also ideal for enhancing the natural curl pattern for models with curly, coily styles, delivering even diffusion for defined curls and waves with long prongs that reach deep into the hair.

  • The Dyson Corrale straightener being used at Milan Fashion Week.



    Dyson x N°21

    Hair stylist: Ramona Eschbach

    To establish a “new way in fashion” as Alessandro Dell’Acqua says when talking about the new Spring-Summer collection, the inspiration for the hair styling - as per the leading hair stylist quote, Ramona Eschbach - was grunge. After this pandemic, when everyone embraced their natural beauty, natural hair is at the very heart of the styling Ramona created and is all about soft waves.

    Stylists set to work on the model’s natural hair running a brush through the sections to tease out any knots and tangles at the ends before by adding water or moisture spray in preparation to style. The roots remained untouched, with flyaways left to form part of the organic look. 

    The hair was then dried into a soft blow dry finish with the Dyson Supersonicᵀᴹ hair dryer and Smoothing Nozzle attachment. Waves were then created towards the mid to end of the sections by creating an S shape with each section, holding it in the palm of the hair and blow drying until completely dry, leaving the roots dry, but unstyled.



  • The Dyson Corrale straightener being used at Milan Fashion Week.
  • The Dyson Supersonic hair dryer being used at Milan Fashion Week.
  • The Dyson Corrale straightener being used at Milan Fashion Week.
  • Paris

    Widely regarded as the global fashion capital, Paris is home to the world's leading boutiques and brands. This centre of creativity and experimentation has attracted the best and brightest tailoring talent since the 15th century.

    Once again, the city of light plays host to fashion week, with the top designers, hair stylists, media, and influencers descending on the French capital. When showcasing the latest trends and styles, Dyson technology is hard at work behind the scenes helping to bring the catwalk to life.  



    Milan fashion week 2020

  • The Dyson Corrale straightener being used at Paris Fashion Week.
  • Dyson x Balmain

    Hairstylist: Sam McKnight

    Hair health was front of mind for styling stalwart, Sam McKnight, Lead Stylist for the Balmain show. The Dyson CorraleTM straightener launched back in March 2020 and this was the first time Sam had used the tool backstage. Sam praise the control provided by the tool’s unique copper flexing plates that shape to gather the hair. This technology enabled him to achieve the signature striking, sexy styles of the show yet with half the damage – and quicker.


    The tool’s pioneering microhinged plates flex to adapt to the hair section being styled, applying heat and tension more evenly to all hair strands in each pass, keeping them perfectly aligned and reducing the reliance on heat. Each plate is precision machined to 65 microns – the width of a human hair – and tourmaline edged to produce ionising properties that help reduce static.

  • 2020 A/W Fashion Week

    • Model showing her hair using Dyson Supersonic

      05 March 2020

      Anthony Turner takes you backstage with Dyson to find out the inspiration behind the looks and how the Dyson Supersonic brought the looks to life.

    • Model showing her hair using Dyson Supersonic

      05 March 2020

      Hear from James Pecis, Bob Recine, Jawara, and Jon Reyman on how the Dyson Supersonic brings looks to life during Fashion Week.

    • New York Fashion Week

      17 February 2020

      Dyson goes backstage at New York Fashion Week to ask models and stylists what hair means to them.

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