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Spring blossom buds releasing pollen into the air

10 surprising facts about pollen

Pollen count and movement is something we can all observe. And if you’re one of the millions who suffer with allergies throughout the pollen season, then you’ll know all too well about its effects.

Pollen is an enduring substance, causing hay fever in one in five people in the UK.¹ But despite being an inconvenience to many, pollen plays a very important part in the life cycle of plants. The subject of pollen and spores – known as palynology – is a fascinating subject, which is why our air quality scientists here at Dyson study it.

Read on to discover surprising facts about pollen.

  • House plant and close-up of pollen allergen
  • Labrador dog lying on bed
  • Pollen particles circulating in office and past woman sat at desk

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    Reducing indoor air pollution

    On average, 90% of UK and US residents spend 22 hours indoors each day.¹ And in the US, the concentration of some pollutants are two to five times higher indoors than outdoors.²

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    How to help manage pollen allergies

    Pollen spikes during the spring and summer months. Globally, 29% of people are worried about dust and pollen being brought into their homes.